Past Projects

Athletes and Ads

Glenna Read, Yen-I Lee (PhD student), Jihoon Kim (PhD student), Youngji Seo (PhD student), Shouya Sun (PhD student), Xuerong Lu (PhD student), Sierra Brown (undergraduate student), Taeyeon Kim (PhD student), Wency Cai (MA student), Kevin Jones (undergraduate student), Hyoyeun Jun (PhD student), and Jay Lim (PhD student)

  • Read, G. L., Lee, Y., Kim, J., Seo, Y., Sun, S., Lu, X., Brown, S., Kim, T., Cai, W., Jones, K., Jun, H., & Lim, J. (to be presented in 2020). Using Hierarchy of Effects and LC4MP to investigate the effects of publicity on ads featuring athlete endorsers. American Academy of Advertising. San Diego, CA.