BBAM Lab Training Sequence

Brain, Body, and Media (BBAM) Lab Guidelines

Student Training:

Use of equipment by students is permitted after successful completion of the training sequence. The sequence is designed to ensure that you receive adequate training and will be capable of handling issues that inevitably arise during the course of each study. This includes:

  1. CITI Training (Behavioral and Social Sciences Section) – is a requirement for every person who will interact with participants or identifiable participant data. This must occur before the supervised participant session but can occur concurrently with the equipment training.
  2. Equipment Training – is a required prerequisite to a supervised experimental session. Training must occur for every measure you will use (e.g., training in peripheral psychophysiological measures will not be sufficient for use of the EEG). During the training you will learn how to operate the equipment according to best practices for obtaining clean data and participant safety. It is advised that you take notes during these trainings and study your notes.
  3. Supervised Experimental Session – in which an experienced lab member will observe you in the experimental setting. This step includes the assessment of your competence and confidence with the equipment and with participants, which is a necessary pre-requisite to running experimental sessions on your own.
  4. Participation as an RA – At this point you will be able to serve as RA in the lab to work on BBAM projects. If you are interested in leading a study in the lab you must first participate as an RA for someone else’s study from start to finish (e.g., stimulus presentation programming, data collection, pre-processing and analysis) so that you will learn how to do each of these steps for your own project.
  5. Lab meetings ­– will consist of ongoing trainings/considerations, readings, workshops, and discussion of ongoing research in the lab. Regular attendance at lab meetings is expected.

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